My name is João Filipe Monteiro Carreira. I have a master’s degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering.

I am currently pursuing my PhD degree in the area of multimedia communication and video processing at Loughborough University London. My current research aims to develop efficient error resilience and error concealment techniques for the forthcoming multimedia services based on High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard. My research interests also include 2D/3D video compression and transmission, subjective and objective quality evaluation under error-prone conditions and error resilience and concealment. I have been a researcher for the Instituto de Telecomunicações - Leiria Branch since 2008 colaborating in different projects and research activities.

In my spare time and as a contribution to my research work I start developing, as a team effort, an open-source video player based on Qt framework Calyp, which aims at easing the task of researchers in the field video and image processing. It includes several image analysis tools and provides easy interaction with wide known libraries as FFmpeg and Opencv which expand its functionality. As a Gentoo Linux user I become very enthusiastic about Open-Source software and collaborative work. It allowed me to expand my knowledge about Linux systems and improved my problem-solving skills, as well as, increased my curiosity to investigate new topics regarding software developing, computer hardware and network systems.

I also like to collaborate in local communities and since 2012 I am member of the management board of Centro Recreativo da Rebolaria (Batalha, Leiria), which help me developing my soft-skills such as organization, management and team work.

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